Methamphetamines and the Community

The Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police endeavors to educate the public in regards to potential indicators of a methamphetamine lab, as well as the dangers of methamphetamine and synthetic drug production, pose within our communities. We hope you find these resources helpful and ask that you share them within in own circles in an effort to help us help our communities.

Methamphetamine and other synthetic drugs have overrun communities across Canada, which has a serious impact on community safety, contributing to increasing violent acts and property crimes. Methamphetamine is one of the most prevalent substances on the Canadian illicit drug market. All Canadian police services are acutely aware of these impacts. Some have targeted those who import, produce, and distribute this harmful substance. The coordination of efforts at a national level allows law enforcement to take advantage of collective resources supported by nationally–focused, reliable intelligence.

We Need Your Help

The disruption of the methamphetamine and synthetic drug supply in Canada cannot be done without the assistance of our community members. How can you help?

  • Recognize the signs of methamphetamine and synthetic drug labs
  • understand the environmental impacts these labs can have
  • know what to do if you recognize the indicators
  • contact Crime Stoppers or your local police if you recognize signs of a methamphetamine or synthetic drug production lab in your neighborhood
  • understand the negative impacts that drugs like these have on family and friends alike as well as on the environment

Methamphetamine and synthetic drug labs can be found anywhere. Indicators of a lab may include:

  • Suspicious activity, secretive behavior, and individuals who may avoid neighbour interactions
  • Occupants attend for short periods and at odd hours
  • Chemical odours
  • Garbage contains numerous chemical containers, glassware, bags full of soil or garbage are never put out
  • Location has excessive security
  • Evidence of chemical dumping grounds on or near premises (burn pits or dead spots on the lawn)
  • Windows covered
  • Odd items being brought inside the location – equipment, glassware, chemical drums, etc.

MACP encourages social media followers to share the messages and information to help educate other members within your community of the potential indicators of methamphetamine and synthetic drug labs, as well as the dangers methamphetamine and synthetic drug production, poses within our communities. If you see indicators of a methamphetamine or synthetic drug lab, remain at a safe distance, do not approach suspects, and call your local police immediately. If you wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Methamphetamine Resources