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4.0 Membership in the Association is divided into three classes:
Life; and

4.1 The following persons are eligible for active membership, and upon appointment have the full privileges and responsibilities of membership including voting rights at all meetings of the Association.  In the absence of the active member, he/she may delegate a representative, with the approval of the President, to attend a meeting of the Association and to exercise voting rights as an active member.  Persons eligible to be active members are:

4.1.1 The Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police and Senior Officer of a municipal police service created pursuant to the Manitoba Police Services Act;

4.1.2 The Commanding Officer and Commissioned Officers of “D” Division R.C.M. Police;

4.1.3 The Chief of Police of a First Nations Police Service that has signed a tri-partite agreement, under the First Nations policing policy, to provide policing services in their community.

4.1.4 The Officer in Charge of Canadian National Railway Police, and Canadian Pacific Railway Police, employed in Manitoba.

4.1.5 The Area Provost Marshall of the Military Police.

4.1.6 Any other Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Police or Senior officer of a recognized police agency operating within the Province of Manitoba as deemed appropriate by the President.

4.1.7 Any civilian member of a police service identified within subsection 4.1.1 through to 4.1.6 who holds the rank equivalency of Inspector or above.

4.2 The following persons are eligible for associate membership, and upon appointment have the full privileges and responsibilities of membership except for voting rights at meetings of the Association:

4.2.1 Persons who can demonstrate that their membership would contribute to the objectives and goals of the Association and who meet one of the following criteria: Shall be a real person (i.e. not a body corporate) Persons who are involved in either private policing or the administration of public justice, at a senior executive level; or Persons who are academics or academic researchers with extensive experience in policing issues; or Other persons as determined by the Board who can provide a required expertise to the Association.

4.2.2 The number of associate members shall be less than the number of active members.

4.3 Subject to annual review by the members, the following persons are eligible for honorary membership and will enjoy the opportunity to attend meetings of the Association upon the invitation of the President without the opportunity to exercise voting rights:

     4.3.1 The Minister of Justice for the Province of Manitoba.

     4.3.2 The Deputy Minister of Justice for the Province of Manitoba.

     4.3.3 The Assistant Deputy Minister of Justice, Criminal Justice Division, for the Province of Manitoba.

     4.3.4 Any person who, in the opinion of the Board, would further the goals of the Association.

4.4    The following persons are eligible for life membership, and upon appointment have the full privileges of membership except for voting rights at meetings of the Association:

4.4.1  An active or associate member in good standing for a period of three years at the time of their retirement from service for reason of voluntary separation, age, health or superannuation.

5.0 Any person eligible to become an active member, associate member or a life member of the Association may make application to the Secretary-Treasurer.

     5.0.1 The Secretary-Treasurer will present every new application for active, associate, or life membership to the Board of Directors indicating if the application meets criteria for membership.

     5.0.2 The Board of Directors will be responsible to approve or decline the new application for membership to the Association

5.1 Any Active Member may, at a meeting, propose that any person be considered for membership whose qualifications satisfy Article 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4.

6.0 Membership in the Association will be terminated whenever a member:

     6.0.1 Fails to pay the prescribed annual membership fees to the Secretary-Treasurer by April 30th of the membership year;

     6.0.2 Ceases to be eligible for membership pursuant to article 4; or

     6.0.3 Resigns or withdraws his membership in writing directed to the President.

6.1 Membership in the Association may be terminated for discreditable conduct pursuant to Article 8.0.2.

7.0 Annual membership fees shall be payable by active, associate members and life members.

7.1 .The annual membership fee for active members, associate members and life members will be set on a yearly basis by the Board for the subsequent fiscal year.

     7.1.1 Membership fees are due and payable upon receipt of an invoice forwarded to each member by the Secretary-Treasurer on or before February 1st of each year.

     7.1.2 The Secretary-Treasurer will issue a receipt for membership fees paid, in the name of the Association.

     7.1.3 When membership fees have not been received from a member by March 31st the Secretary-Treasurer will forward one notice of arrears advising that the membership fees must be paid by April 30th.

7.2 The members of the Association at a meeting may, by majority vote, levy any special or extraordinary general fee to be paid by the active members, associate members or life members.

7.3 Any new members approved during the course of the year will be assessed a membership fee to be determined by the Secretary-Treasurer based upon the number of months remaining in the fiscal year after approval is granted by the Board.

     7.3.1 The new membership will not be effective until the fee assessed pursuant to article 7.3 is paid in full.

8.0 Any member whose conduct is discreditable or prejudicial to the Association may have their membership suspended or terminated by the Board.

8.0.1 In considering any suspension or termination, the Board may refer the matter to a special committee established by the President for investigation.

8.0.2    Any individual whose membership is being considered for suspension or termination will be provided with notice in writing and may appear before the Board at the time and location indicated in the notice, prior to any decision being made. If the member chooses not to appear at the time and place indicated, the Board may make their decision in the member’s absence, without further notice.