The MACP/HealthIM Mental Health Service Award has been created to honour an
individual law enforcement member within Manitoba who has made a significant
contribution in one or more of the following areas:

1. Reducing stigma experienced by people with mental illness
2. Providing support or care to people with mental illnesses, their families and/or
3. Advocacy for issues related to mental health (including individual needs, family
needs, service delivery and systemic issues)
4. Dedication to elevating the profile of mental health awareness
5. Advancing local knowledge in the area of mental illness/health research
6. Through their tireless commitment and work has shown excellence in their
service and support around mental health and addictions.


1. Nominations are to be forwarded to the Executive Director of the Manitoba
Association of Chiefs of Police, between June 30 and September 30 each year.
2. Nominations can be made by any person within the agency the nominee serves.
The nominations shall be provided in writing and must not exceed two pages in
3. The nomination shall contain the following information:
a) the nominee’s full name;
b) the nominee’s rank;
c) the nominee’s length of service as a member of a police service in Manitoba;
d) summaries of the nominee’s police experience in Manitoba;
e) a detailed narrative outlining the reason for the nomination, and
f) attachments which support the nomination.


The Award is to be administered by the Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police in
consultation with HealthIM. The Selection Committee shall consist of:

1) the General Manager of HealthIM, or designate, as Chair;
2) the Executive Director of the Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police, or if
unavailable the current President;
3) the Associate Deputy Minister of Justice (Community Services) of Manitoba
Justice, or if unavailable a designate.


The Selection Committee shall review all nominations and select the successful
individual within 30 days of the nomination deadline date. The Chair of the Selection
Committee shall call a meeting with reasonable notice. The rules contained in the
current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Selection Committee for all
cases to which they are reasonably applicable. Reasonable minutes of the selection
process shall be recorded and made available to the MACP Board of Directors.


The Awards ceremony shall be at a location determined by the selection Committee
(likely at the same time as the Minister of Justice awards). MACP shall have a
commemorative, award of excellence plaque produced each year to be presented to the
selected nominee.