Blood Tribe Police Service provides community policing services to the largest Indigenous
community in Canada, which is located in the Blackfoot Treaty 7 area. The Blood Tribe Police
Service is a fully autonomous police agency that currently employs approximately 65 staff

The Blood Tribe Police Service is guided by the principles of Kainaisinni, while implementing
values such as Kimmapiiyipitsinni (compassion), Iiyika’kimat (perseverance), Ainnakowa
(respect). While maintaining public safety within the community and building a culturally
appropriate police service.

The Chief of Police for the Blood Tribe Police Service is appointed by the Blood Tribe Police
Commission. The Chief of Police oversees the administrative, operational and policing functions
of the organization. The Chief of Police is responsible for implementing the strategic plan
direction, vision and continuous improvement for the Blood Tribe Police Service as established
by the Commission.

The Chief of Police shall carry out the following duties and responsibilities, and in accordance
with any requirements of the Blood Tribe Police Bylaw or the funding agreement, as the case
may be:
● Oversee the Blood Tribe Police Service operations
● Oversee the development and success of the police service’s strategic plan
● Supports and participates in the development of the policies and procedures for the Blood

Tribe Police Service mandated bylaw, to ensure efficient operations of the service, and to
implement directives from the Blood Tribe Police Commission.
● Plan and implement a law enforcement program for the Blood Indian Reserve #148 &
#148A to carry out the policies and goals of the Blood Tribe Police Commission, review
Service performance and effectiveness, formulate programs or policies to alleviate
● Supports and participates in the preparation and presentation of an annual budget for the
Blood Tribe Police Service; direct the implementation of the service’s budget; plan for
and review specifications for new or replaced equipment.
● Direct the development and maintenance of systems, records, and legal documents that
provide for the proper evaluations, control, and documentation of the Blood Tribe Police
Service operations.
● Prepare and submit periodic reports to the Police Commission upon request, regarding
the Service’s activities and prepare a variety of other reports as appropriate.
● Meet with elected or appointed officials, other law enforcement officials, community and
business representatives, and the public on all aspects of the Blood Tribe Police Service’s
● Keep abreast of current trends in the field; and represent the Blood Tribe Police Service
at a local, regional, provincial, and national level. .
● Cooperate with First Nations, Provincial, and Federal law enforcement agencies as
appropriate where activities of the police service are involved.
● Coordinate activities with supervisors and other Blood Tribal departments, exchange
information with officers in other law enforcement agencies, the Crown Prosecutors, and
other government agencies.
● Obtain advice from the Tribal Attorney, Court Administrator, and Crown Prosecutor’s
Office regarding cases, policies and procedures.
● Ensure that laws and ordinances are enforced, and that public peace and safety is
● Hold accountability and positive relationships within Blood Tribe community and
surrounding communities. Lead others in adapting to innovate work environments and
ensure awareness on Police Service Initiatives, decisions, and policies
● Any other duties as required.

● Ethical Conduct.
● Communication Proficiency.
● Leadership.
● Stress Management/Composure.
● Time Management.
● Problem Solving/Analysis.
● Decision Making.
● Diversity and Inclusion.
● Project Management.
● Personal Effectiveness/Credibility.

Knowledge and Experience:
● A minimum of 15 years experience in the field of policing, 3 years of which at the
senior management level.
● Knowledge of Blackfoot culture, language and traditions; Kainaisinnii
● Knowledge of United Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Truth and
Reconciliation Calls to Action
● Knowledge of applicable laws, ordinances, and department rules and regulations.
● Federal and provincial laws, Blood Tribe bylaws, and BTPS policies and procedures
● Law enforcement practices and procedures
● Promote and support the service’s strategic priorities and align with the Vision, Mission
and Values

● A Degree in police science, law enforcement, criminal justice, public administration, or a
closely related field
● Master’s degree in police science, law enforcement, criminal justice, public
administration, or a closely related field.
● A demonstrated combination of experience, education and training.
Additional Requirements:
● Valid class 5 driver’s license
● Ability to meet the Service’s physical standards
● Ability to pass a Reliable enhanced security clearance

A compensation package will be negotiated and provided, including a comprehensive benefits
package and employer matched pension plan proportionate on the qualifications and experience.

How to Apply:
To be considered for this position, please submit a resume, cover letter, and 3 references by
email to no later than September 30, 2021.