The Manitoba government is releasing the full report on an independent review of the provincial legislation that defines the roles and responsibilities of various law enforcement entities, Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announced today.
“Our government is committed to transparency, and I’m pleased to now share the full final report on the Police Services Act, which makes recommendations that will guide policing and police governance in our province for years to come,” said Cullen. “The changes that will come about as a result of this report will support greater responsiveness and accountability in policing, and help to ensure Manitobans have the utmost confidence in the law enforcement agencies who serve our communities so well.”
The review examined the extent to which the Police Services Act supports the professional, transparent and effective delivery of police services in Manitoba, and included:
• a literature and documentation review;
• a legislative analysis;
• a jurisdictional scan of similar legislation and policing, governance, and oversight practices;
• stakeholder consultations; and
• a data review and analyses that employed both qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry and analyses.
The minister noted the Independent Review of the Manitoba Police Services Act contains 70 recommendations ranging from minor amendments to the creation of new standalone legislation and comprehensive regulatory standards and oversight regimes.
The province has established an implementation team within Manitoba Justice to lead on further research and consultations with a variety of stakeholders and subject matter experts including police agencies, Indigenous and non-governmental organizations, oversight agencies, police governance organizations, the Association of Manitoba Municipalities and others.
Key areas of focus include:
• oversight and accountability reforms,
• the creation of policing standards,
• enhanced police boards,
• enhanced alternative service delivery models, and
• development of community safety and well-being plans.
Manitoba will introduce legislation next year that would strengthen the Manitoba Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) and address gaps in the current legislation, the minister said.
The Police Service Act defines the roles and responsibilities of the Manitoba government, the Manitoba Police Commission, the IIU, municipal and First Nation police boards, municipal councils and police services, and establishes the interrelationship between the various entities. Section 90 requires the minister of justice to conduct a comprehensive review of the act within five years after it comes into force.
The minister thanked the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance for leading the review and noted further information about next steps will be shared on a regular basis in the coming months.
Read the full report at MB PSA Review