Posted:  2019-01-18 Valid until:  2019-01-27


Canadian National Railway.  North America’s transcontinental railway and supply chain service company, and home of the CN Police Service, committed to making CN the safest Railway in North America by protecting its people, property and resources and by ensuring the safety and security of the communities that CN serves.

Canadian National Railway is currently seeking candidates for an Inspector role in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to manage CN’s police operations. The Inspector would be responsible for providing CN departmental managers at several levels with advice and recommendations on all police and security matters; interface with public police services and other agencies in order to reduce losses and increase safety; and monitor and control expenses related to police and security services.

In becoming a member of the CN Police you join a select and proud fraternity of those who have devoted their talents, energies and loyalties towards making our Railway and communities a safer and better place to live.

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